Let Coolown factor in Efficiency

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Currently in EA v 0.1.701

Problem :

The Efficiency is off balance:
High AP cost is compensated by reduced Discipline and very low Efficiency bonus
For and extra 50% AP cost, we only get a 5% Efficiency bonus.
High Cooldown is compensated by reduced Discipline.

The Discipline tradeoff doesn't work :
For Commitment builds, Discipline is abundant and 2 AP synapses are the best choice (despite high Discipline cost).
For non-Commitment builds, 2AP synapses are the best choice (the meager Efficiency bonus is not worth the AP).

Proposed changes :

High Cooldown also augment by Efficiency bonus.
Efficiency bonus scales exponentially with AP cost and Cooldown.
Small Efficieny malus for 0 Cooldown synapses.
Lower Cooldown synapses should have greater Discipline cost.
Commitment not on the Discipline path.

What do you think ?

Under consideration Suggested by: Hugo Upvoted: 27 Dec, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0