Better Efficiency Variety

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Currently, the high AP variants of efficiencies are virtually impossible to use as the downside is simply too significant compared to the benefits. Some possible alternatives for more interesting efficiencies besides simply increasing the AP costs:
- The AP cost over 2 becomes an 'AP debt'. This puts a stacking debuff on the user that reduces the AP generation by 1 per stack for the number of turns dependent on the efficiency. This allows for 'emergency' buttons that are actually usable in an emergency, at the cost of future actions.
- The skill costs 2, but any AP over that the user has at the time of casting is spent to increase the effectiveness of the skill (up to the efficiency's cap).
- The cost of the skill increases per use per fight/transposition.
- The cost of the skill decreases per user per fight/transposition.

Under consideration Suggested by: Seloun Upvoted: 18 Feb Comments: 0

Comments: 0